Durham University Steinway Concert Recap

TVMS' Resources Manager Alan Rutter was invited to the Durham University Steinway Concert on Wednesday 27th April to celebrate the university being registered as "all Steinway School status". Mr Rutter recounted his experience of the event to TVMEH in this piece.

Mr Rutter representing TVMS at Steinway concert
Mr Rutter (right) at Steinway Concert | Credit: Durham University

"I was warmly welcomed to the new multi-use facility by Janet Dixon-Dawson, Vice Principal of the John Snow College, and members of her team. It was amazing to enter the concert venue and see 28 Steinway pianos of all types located around the room. Students and staff gave a wonderful joint concert, playing everything from Classical to Jazz. It was truly fantastic listening to so many different sounds coming from all around the room!"

Alan continued: "The university now has 58 Steinway pianos located across the university. To facilitate this change, all current pianos have been donated to various schools, colleges and community venues. A Yamaha Grand Piano was originally located in the Queens Campus, Stockton until it was moved to the John Snow College in Durham. The college has very fond memories of Stockton, therefore they thought it fitting to return the piano back to its original home in Stockton. TVMS and Durham University now have a wonderful link and are hoping to work closely together in the coming months on some exciting projects."

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