'Youthquake' - Inspiring Young People to Change the World

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Youthquake is a 360-degree theatre experience from the award-winning Zest Theatre. The show is about being young and changing the world.

Developed through conversations with 800 young people from across the country, Youthquake uses their words and opinions to give voice to a generation often left unheard.

Part show, part TED talk, and part party, Youthquake takes you on an exhilarating journey through hidden lives of Teen Britain and asks what it actually means to change the world.

Youthquake has been inspired and developed with more than 500 young people from Tees Valley and 300 young people from elsewhere in the country – it is a celebration of the voices of young people across the region and beyond.

The group will perform have already performed at Hartlepool’s Centre for Excellence in Creative Arts (CECA) and will now move onto Middlesbrough Town Hall, ARC in Stockton-on-Tees, The Hippodrome in Darlington and will end their regional tour at Tuned In! in Redcar.

Youthquake in context

Discover the true extent of who Youthquake is in their Offical ‘Production Trailer’:

Supported through the National Lottery Public Fund and through Arts Council England, Youthquake is able to bring an incredible experience to young people for FREE.

Tees Valley Combined Authority chief executive, Julie Gilhespie said: “While the combined authority is driving economic growth and creating jobs, we can never lose sight of who we’re doing it for – our region’s young people. We need to give them the opportunities to be the best they can be and build a life for themselves in the region. To do this we must listen to what they are saying to tackle the issues which are important to them.

“Zest Theatre has been working with our teenagers to produce this fantastic show which is a meaningful and addition to our cultural calendar”, Gilhespie continued. “I’d urge teachers, teenagers and adults alike to get a ticket and support our young actors and their stories.”

Zest Theatre producer, Catherine Fowles said: “We’re so pleased to be bringing Youthquake ‘home’ to Tees Valley, having spent most of our time making and rehearsing the show here. Youthquake has been an incredibly transformative experience for everyone involved, from our team that conducted the initial workshops to the young people who have joined our casts across the country.”

Fowles also expressed excitement at the meeting and collaborating with young people in the region from all different backgrounds saying: “We can’t wait to be able to share some amazing experiences with our young casts in Tees Valley, all of the people we’ve met who have helped shape the show for the region, and the audiences who will hear their stories thanks to the support of Tees Valley Combined Authority.”

Dates and ticketing information for Youthquake performances are available on Enjoy Tees Valley’s website.

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